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CircRNA Overview

Circular RNA (CircRNA) is a type of non-coding RNA molecule without a 5' cap and a 3' poly (A) tail, forming a cyclic structure by a covalent bond. It is mainly located in the cytoplasm or stored in exosomes. Not affected by exonuclease, it is much stably expressed and hardly degraded. CircRNA is mostly formed by exon cyclization, some CircRNA lasso structures are formed by intron cyclization. According to the source, CircRNA can be roughly divided into 4 categories: ECircRNA with only exons, ElcircRNA with a combination of introns and exons, lasso CircRNA composed of introns, and CircRNA formed by intergenomic cyclization. It is currently a hotspot molecule in life science and medicine research.

Recent studies have shown that CircRNA is abundant in microRNA (miRNA) binding sites. It functions as miRNA sponge intracellularly, thereby eliminating the inhibition of miRNA on its target gene and raising the expression level of the target gene, which is called competitive endogenous RNA (ceRNA) mechanism. CircRNA plays an important role in regulating diseases through interactions with disease-associated miRNA.

CircRNA has obvious advantages as a biomarker for novel clinical diseases, and is of great research value due to its tissue specificity, disease specificity, timing specificity, and high stability.

Biological functions of CircRNA

CircRNA plays an essential biological role. Endonuclearly, it mainly affects the transcription of its parent gene and regulates the splicing of its linear homologous transcripts. Extranuclearly, it not only acts as a miRNA sponge, but also functions via binding proteins. Recent research has shown that CircRNA can be translated to functional polypeptides/proteins.

CircRNA functions as a miRNA spongy adsorbent
CircRNA contains abundant miRNA binding sites. Some CircRNA acts on MiRNA through selective sponges to prevent interactions at the 3' non-translated region, affect its level and/or activity, thereby affecting the expression of miRNA target genes.
Interaction between CircRNA and RNA-binding protein (RBP)
The CircRNA-protein binding is bidirectional. It may affects protein expression and function, and also regulates CircRNA synthesis and degradation.
CircRNA regulates gene expression
Different CircRNAs have different ways of regulating parent gene expression: Endonuclear CircRNA interferes with transcription or promotes selective splicing, extranuclear CircRNA interacts with RNA polymerase II and regulates transcription, or ElCircRNA interacts with snurposome and binds to RNA polymerase II.
CircRNA coding function (translating proteins or polypeptides)
CircRNA translation can be initiated through endogenous mechanisms in non-cap-dependent manners, such as the presence of internal ribosome entry sites (IRES) or N6-methyladenosine (M6A).
Cyclic RNA research-grade sample preparation service platform

As a global CDMO service provider focusing on microbial expression systems, Yaohabio has established a mature CRO R&D service platform for innovative CircRNA therapies on the basis of a powerful R&D technology platform, mature quality analysis and control systems, and pioneering technology in cyclic RNA synthesis. The platform includes four technical modules: RNADes (CircRNA structure design and optimization platform) , RNASyn (CircRNA synthesis and modification platform), RNAPur (CircRNA purification platform), and RNAQua (CircRNA quality analysis and control). A complete technical platform enables Yaohaibio to realize efficient preparation and purification of CircRNA, and provide full-process, high-qualified CircRNA preparation CRO services in vitro for universities and scientific research institutions.

CircRNA structure design and optimization platform
1. Optimal design of introns, exons, and UTR
2. Optimal design of CDS and RBS
CircRNA Synthesis Platform
1. Design and construction of CircRNA template plasmids
2. Efficient and rapid synthesis of CircRNA in vitro
CircRNA purification platform
1. Conventional experimental purification protocol
2. Self-developed chromatographic column purification process
CircRNA Quality Analysis and Control Platform
1. Abundant cyclization identification protocol
2. Efficient cyclization rate detection protocol
Yaohabio provides customized CircRNA research services according to specified gene/amino acid sequences provided by the customers. Our high-qualified CircRNA products and technical services include CircRNA sequence structure design and optimization, in vitro transcription template construction, CircRNA cyclization and purification, sample preparation for research use, etc.
CircRNA Preproduct Catalog
Specification: 10μg/50μg/100μg
Specification: 10μg/50μg/100μg
Specification: 10μg/50μg/100μg
Advantages of Technology Platform
  • Efficient

    The cyclization rate is > 80% as validated by HPLC, RT-PCR, etc.
  • process Excellent in process

    Capable of providing 50-3000nt CircRNA preparation
  • Stable

    Stable fluorescent protein expression can be detected one week after cell transfection
  • Flexible

    Mature self-developed chromatographic purification process, diversified purification methods-meets the requirements of different experiments.
  • Rigorous

    Rigorous quality control methods and efficient cyclization rate detection protocol
  • Technology advanced

    PhD-leading senior technical team, advanced experimental equipments and strict quality assurance team, rapid response-meets the delivery requirements
  • Comprehensive

    One-stop service from sequence to finished product and cyclization service for linear RNA
  • Customized

    Customized RNA cyclization services, achieves private customization
Efficient and Stable, Quality-assured

Cell evaluation: efficient and stable EGFP expression in CircRNA prepared in vitro, and strong fluorescence signals enabling being detected one week after cell transfection.


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