Intellectual Property and Protection
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Intellectual Property and Protection

Intellectual property is a strong shield and blade for customers to participate in market competition. Through a series of effective initiatives, Yaohaibio has deeply embodied their respect for and protection of customers' intellectual property rights in corporate philosophy. Through a comprehensive and sound IP management system and stringent infringement liability investigation mechanism, Yaohaibio is committed to providing customers with safe biopharmaceutical CDMO services.

No self-developed products

Yaohaibio strategically abandoned all self-development project and took the CDMO enterprise with high technology export as its mission. Under the framework of a Mutual Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) or Master Service Agreement (MSA), any intellectual property developed in the course of service belongs to the customer.

Every employee is a security officer for intellectual property

Yaohaibio employees all receive strict training on the application of the intellectual property management system. We keep the business information strictly confidential, standardize work processes, and ensure that all the data and information are secured and that the sanctity and inviolability of customers' intellectual property rights are fully protected. It's the way to protect the lifeline for us and our customers.

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