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EHS-Environment protection, emission reduction and environmental protection

Yaohai Bio-Pharma pays attention to energy management, and actively takes feasible measures throughout production and operation to rationally utilize resources and energy, prevent waste, promote waste classification and recycling, reduce pollutant emissions and negative impacts on the global environment.

EHS-Health People-oriented, and overall health

Employees are the core and main body of safety management as well as the production and operation systems. Yaohaibio follows the highest principle of safety production -"Life of employees is above everything".

Optimize the production environment and improve safety protection;

Prevent diseases and occupational risks;

Improve the physical and mental health of employees;

Establish a safe and long-term safety mechanism.

EHS-Safety Safety first, prevention oriented

Yaohai Bio-Pharma always considers safety as the top priority, earnestly protects the life safety and physical health of employees, and never sacrifices human life, health, and property in exchange for development and benefits.

Build a safe production corporate culture;

Establish and improve EHS management rules and regulations, and strengthen dual prevention mechanisms;

Improve the level of safety, environmental protection and fire protection technology;

Implement safety responsibilities and prevent accidents;

Increase safety investment and build a solid safety line.

EHS-Development Comprehensive management, continuous improvement

Yaohai Bio-Pharma confronts the long-term, arduous and complex nature of EHS work, consciously follows the law of safe production, grasps the main contradictions and key links in EHS work, and comprehensively uses economic, legal, administrative, and other ways to keep it managed by people, regulated by law and prevented by technical measures, to achieve the sustainable development.

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