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Strain Development and Bank Establishment

With a comprehensive and stable strain bank development service platform, Yaohai Bio-Pharma provides professional services involving codon optimization, recombinant plasmid construction and expression strain construction, and screening of stable high-expression strains according to specified gene/amino acid sequences. Meanwhile, we provide flexible customized plasmid structure services with the R&D team's abundant experience in microbial expression systems.

Our GMP plants are equipped with an independent workshop for strain bank establishment and a separate storage workshop. With the complete cell bank management procedures, advanced testing equipments and an experienced testing team, we provide PCB, MCB, and WCB establishment and storage services, as well as stability study for passage and storage of strains in strain bank to ensure safe, stable and reliable delivery, and provide one-stop R&D service from gene sequences to strain production.

  • Codon optimization
  • Recombinant plasmid construction
  • Recombinant strain construction
  • PCB establishment
  • MCB, WCB establishment, strain testing and stability study
  • Preparation of registration and application documents
Service Advantages
Traceable strain

The strains are all purchased from ATCC, ThermoFisher, Merck, etc., which are traceable

Fully meet registration and application requirements

The strains used in the process development have their patents out of validity period, which effectively avoid patent restrictions

Experience advantage

Select stable high-expression strains through professional codon optimization, recombinant plasmid construction and expression strain construction according to specified gene/amino acid sequences provided by the customers.

Provide customized plasmid structure models to effectively increase product yield

System advantages

Rich experience in microbial expression system, focus on E.coli and yeast expression systems.

Independent workshop for bank establishment to prevent the contamination risk

MCB and WCB establishment conforming to GMP specification, complete cell bank management procedures to ensure safety and reliability

Secondary strain bank that meets IND application

Strain bank that meets FDA application

Quality assurance

All strains are tested and released in strict accordance with the requirements of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia to ensure purity, stability, etc.

Strain test and release satisifying FDA to meet application requirements home and abroad

PCB, MCB, and WCB establishment and preservation services. Stability study for passage and storage of strains after strain construction to ensure stable strain and high-quality delivery

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