Code of Business Ethics
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Code of Business Ethics

As a witness to the booming development of the biomedical industry, Yaohaibio has been deeply involved in the CDMO service within microbial expression system for many years. Its mission is to building an open, comprehensive and integrated production and research service platform for CRO/CDMO/MAH to help customers quickly bring pharmaceuticals to the market to relieve patients' pain and improve the quality of life.

Our solemn commitment:
In every country/region where the company operates business, we strictly follow local laws and regulations, as well as the highest standards of business ethics, protect customers' intellectual property rights and data security, foster an excellent corporate culture, enhance employee career development, and contribute to the development of a harmonious and friendly environment and community.


In line with this commitment, we encourage employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders to report/complain about any suspicious, improper, illegal or irregular conduct within the company.

Report/Complaint Email:

Notice for report/complaint:

The object of the complaint should be listed in the complaint, together with the specific facts and relevant evidence.

Complaints can be made in real name or anonymously.

The complaint handling staff promises to keep the complainant's information and email content strictly confidential.

Complainants must be responsible for the authenticity of the issues they complain about, and it is strictly forbidden to take the opportunity to fabricate facts and frame others.

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