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Customized mRNA synthesis service for research use

As a global industry leader in CDMO services for microbial expression systems, Yaohaibio is committed to an open, comprehensive, and integrated CRO/CDMO/MAH service platform. Supported by our unrivaled technology platform, mature quality management system, and advanced mRNA synthesis technologies, we can provide customized mRNA synthesis services worldwide. In addition, preprepared mRNA products and customized services for different experiments and projects demands were also available!

"RNASci" mRNA sample preparation service platform for research use
Relying on pioneering technological innovation capabilities, Yaohaibio has built a mature“RNASci” mRNA sample preparation service platform for research use. The platform includes four technical modules: RNADes (mRNA structure design and optimization platform), RNASyn (mRNA synthesis and modification platform), RNAPur (mRNA purification platform), and RNAQua (mRNA quality analysis and control), throughout the life cycle of mRNA design to sample formation.

mRNA structure design and optimization platform


mRNA synthesis and modification platform


mRNA purification platform


mRNA quality analysis and control platform

Platform technical details
Optimal design for 5' UTR and 3' UTR Optimal design of CDS area Optimal design of PolyA tail
Platform features

Diverse source selection of UTR

Frontier CDS optimization cooperation team

More stable PolyA tail design

Platform technical details
Design and construction of mRNA template plasmid; Synthesis of conventional mRNA (including Cap and PolyA); Synthesis of nucleotide-modified mRNA (e.g.,ψ, 5mC)
Platform features

FreeCut template plasmid design;

Prolific and stable mRNA synthesis system;

Diverse mRNA nucleotide modification options.

Platform technical details
LiCl precipitation purification Oligo dT magnetic bead purification Chromatographic column process purification
Platform features

Diverse purification methods

Proven self-developed chromatographic purification process

Platform technical details
Denatured gel electrophoresis (formaldehyde) purity testing system Translation expression detection system Capping rate testing system PolyA distribution detection system
Platform features

General quality control indicators such as concentration and purity

Satisfy special quality control requirements such as mRNA translation testing, capping rate, tail distribution, etc.

Customized mRNA synthesis service for research use
In addition to customized mRNA synthesis services for research use, Yaohabio provides pre-prepared mRNA products to meet different experimental or project demands.

Pre-prepared mRNA product

mRNA_eGFP (Transfection Control);

mRNA_1273 (Moderna Vaccine);

mRNA_162b2 (Pfizer Vaccine);

mRNA_mCherry(Transfection Control) ;

mRNA_luciferase(Transfection Control);

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Customized mRNA service

Design and construction of mRNA template plasmid

Preparation of classical mRNA (cap structure, PolyA tail structure)

Preparation of nucleotide modified mRNA (pseudouracil, N1 methyl pseudouracil, 5 methylcytidine)

Preparation of two genes expressing based on a single mRNA sequence

Other customized mRNAs

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Service characteristics
Professional mRNA structure design and optimization-enhances mRNA expression efficiency.
FreeCut template plasmid-allows flexible selection of linearization.
Preparation of various nucleotide-modified mRNAs-supports customization and meets different requirements.
Various purification methods including self-developed mature chromatographic purification processes-meets different experimental demands.
Flexible customized scales-meets the scale demands from 50 μg to 10 mg.

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